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The best coaches can make a team win.  They can make a team do more with less.  They can make a team more efficient.  And they can make a team reach goals that would not be possible without them.  Could a technology coach do the same with your small business?  Click on to find the answer, and also discover one of the most useful websites in existence.

One of The Most Useful Websites in Existence is:

Ninite (correctly pronounced NIN-ite) is the quintessitial website for all of you system builders out there as well as you budding geeks that like to rebuild you computer every other week.

To sum it up nicely, ninite is the one stop shop to install all of your PC’s essential programs.  Chrome, Skype, iTunes, Anti Virus, etc.

The interface is fool proof and the installation is child’s play!  But if you need some help, you can follow the instructions below.

  1. go to
  2. place a tick on all of the programs you want to install
  3. click get installer
  4. Umm, that’s it.

It simply does not get easier than this, and this is the FIRST website I visit after rebuilding my laptop for the upteenth time.  No more having to go to individual website, downloading the programs, installing them one at time.

Best of all, it’s free for personal use, with a reasonable licensing fee for commercial applications.

ninite is definitely where it’s at!


Megan Iemma, Technology Coach from chats about the type of tech she’s teaching small businesses.  She reveals the MUST KNOW technologies for Small Business.  And she predicts the next game changer in the technology space.

Megan Iemma – Technology Coach

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