The First Small Business Case Study, I bought an iMac and A Quick & Easy Time Saving Tip – SBITS007

Small Business IT Show - SBITS007

Finally, the first of what I hope will be many Small Business Case Studies.  Today, I’m focusing on a client of mine who through the power of an expired warranty and crippling hardware issues, we’re forced to upgrade sooner than expected.  Actually, I lie, it’s more of an update than an upgrade.  But you’ll have to listen on find out why.  I’m also the proud owner of a 27in iMac, am I compensating for something you ask?  Possibly, but I’ll change the subject by letting you know about a quick and easy time saving tip that most people think of doing, but never do. [Read more...]

So Your Work Computer Broke. Do You Need To Buy A NEW PC?

Small Business IT Show - New PC

short answer, NO.

But if you want to find out why, you’ll have to click to read on. [Read more...]

Is Managed Services The Future For IT Support And An Essential Laptop Quick Tip? – SBITS006

Small Business IT Show - MSP or Fail

If you’re a small business owner, how do you want your IT Support, supported?  Do you want to only pay for when things break?  Or would you be happy paying a monthly fee knowing that that could be all you spend on IT Support for that month?
If you’re a computer business owner, how do you want to provide IT Support?  Do you want to only be paid for the work you do?  Or would you be happier getting paid to proactively check on PCs before an issue occurs?

Also, do you have a laptop?  If you do, you’re gonna want to listen to this. [Read more...]

One of The Most Useful Website in Existence and a Chat with Technology Coach – Megan Iemma – SBITS005

Small Business IT Show - Megan Iemma

The best coaches can make a team win.  They can make a team do more with less.  They can make a team more efficient.  And they can make a team reach goals that would not be possible without them.  Could a technology coach do the same with your small business?  Click on to find the answer, and also discover one of the most useful websites in existence. [Read more...]

Interview with a Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy – SBITS004

Small Business IT Show - Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy

Being a computer guy / gal is more than just knowing your stuff.  Let’s face it, there are thousands of us out there and if you’re question is “What’s 1 plus 1?” 7 of us out of 10 would answer 2 (the other 3 you run far, far away from).  In the cut throat world of being THE computer guy / gal, just being friendly just might land you that gig, and in this episode, we interview Matthew Rodela, possibly the Friendliest Neighborhood Computer Guy around.  He even has the domain name to prove it!

[Read more...]

5 (cheapish) IT Productivity Tips, 5 IT Questions Answered and a Quick Modem Tip – SBITS003

Small Business IT Show - Productivty Questions Answers and Modems

If you want to be more productive on the cheap, read the 5 answers to your most asked IT questions, and stop having to do work whenever you have to restart that pesky modem to getting internet working again.  Then this episode is for you!

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Take Control of Your IT, Backups and the “Must Have” Windows 8 program – SBITS002

Small Business IT Show - Take Control of Your IT

If you want to start to Take Control of Your IT, get some good solid backup tips, and find out what could potentially be the VERY best Windows 8 tip ever.

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Come on in, the water’s warm..  (because of the heater, not for anything else…  :P ) [Read more...]

Slow Old Office Computers – Upgrade or Replace?

Small Business IT Show - Old PC

So, your oldest, slowest, yet most trusted office PC is staring at the light at the end of the tunnel and is processing it’s way to it.

It’s at this point that you need to make the decision to either give it a new lease on life, or kick it to the curb, for a much younger, racier, better looking model that would do things the other one couldn’t even begin to comprehend (minds out of the gutter people!).

So what do you do?  Upgrade, or replace? [Read more...]

Welcome to the Small Business IT Show – SBITS001


Here it is, the very first episode of the Small Business IT show.

And thank you very VERY much if you’re reading this post now, before you listen to the podcast, or, after you have listened to the podcast.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the show, you’ll learn about me, you’ll learn about what I think is the state of Small Business IT through the past 8 years, and you’ll learn a great quick tip to fix some of those pesky USB devices. [Read more...]

Do You Need Bleeding Edge IT For Your Small Business?

small business it upgrade

The straight up answer is no.

So if your IT guy is pestering you to upgrade your server, or to totally overhaul your fleet of laptops, it’s OK to say “No”

Most of the time. [Read more...]

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