The one thing that sucks with all SmartPhones

Whether you’re an Apple Fanboy (or girl), a FanDroid, a Windows Phone Lover or you’re one of those unfortunate Blackberrians, there is one thing that sucks with all of your most loved devices!

Battery life!

And with the help from a nifty case from MobileZap, it’s making my iPhone 5 not suck as much.

Remember the good old days when your Nokia or Motorola or Ericsson mobile phone would last days without needing to be charged?  When, you could lose your phone charger for the most part of the week and not stress about running out of juice or having to run out and buy a new charger that very second?

Well snap out of it, cause it’s never coming back!!

Unless of course, someone creates battery technology that lasts 10 times as long, fully charges in a quarter of the time, weighs approximately the same as a business card and is close to the same size, AND costs just over 3 figures.

It’ll happen.  One day.  However until then, the friendly folks at MobileZap have sent me this awesome case / power pack / picture frame unit thingy for my iPhone 5.  It’s called the Power Jacket and it’s under $50 AUD!

Now I’m probably not the best person to test this device as if I’m in the office, I’m plugged in and charging.  If I’m not in the office, I’m in the car, and I’m plugged in and charging.  If I’m not in the office or the car, I’m onsite at a client’s office and I’m sitting pretty on 100% battery!

So this case and me, not such as a good match.

My wife on the other hand….perfect!

Here are her thoughts.


It’s gold!  I like gold!  Can you buy me some more gold? (me: no!).  Does it come in any other colors?  (me: not this exact model but there are some others that are close to the same price and come in different colors).  I like it.  Does it come in pink?  The plastic looks nice, but i reckon it would scratch easy.  I’m not sure it’ll survive a drop on the concrete but I’d rather have the case crack and break rather than the iPhone.  (me: then don’t drop it!)  The camera window is ok and doesn’t seem to affect pictures or videos taken but the volume buttons look a bit naf.  The mute switch compartment looks a little weak and I reckon that small plastic bit could break easily (me:  too late).  Top button looks fine, but the headphone jack is now totally useless.  Lucky I don’t use it.  (me:  I do, and this would be a deal breaker for me)

The Small Business IT Show - Smartphones Suck Side by Side

Size and Weight:

I like the size (me: snicker) and it feels good in the hand (me: SNICKER!).  Feels more like the old iPhone before they went square.  The texture is nice and smooth and the kids cant leave their fingerprints on it!  Bonus! Doesn’t really add that much weight to the phone which doesn’t really worry me anyway as it stays in the bag (me: with half the kitchen sink!).  You could stick it in your pocket if you needed to.  The edges are rounded so it’s pretty easy in and out (me:  ABOUT TO BURST!!!)

The Small Business IT Show - Smartphones Suck Kick Stand


Takes a while to charge.  4-5 hours from totally dead to totally full.  This is cool because if my phone’s not charging, this case is.  Installation takes 2 seconds or 2+ hours if your kids have hidden the case, and the phone sits nicely in it.  There’s a charge plug at the  bottom of the case too which means you can charge the case while the phones still in it.  Turning it on is as easy as pushing the button on the bottom right of the case and letting the phone do its thing.  The blue lights tell you how much charge it has to give your phone.  4 lights is full charge available, no lights means it’s dead or you haven’t pushed the power button properly (it’s NOT touch sensitive!)

The Small Business IT Show - Smartphones Suck Stand Thingy


This thing has saved my butt plenty of times!  It can charge the phone fully in a matter of hours (much less if you just let it charge instead of playing around with the thing while it’s charging) and it’s now my main phone case.

With 100% battery on the phone and 100% battery on the case, this will easily see me through over a complete of day of heavy use.  Obviously when the kids get a hold of it, the battery life drops, but its good to know that there’s little chance of it going flat with this case in use.


I’d recommend this case to anyone looking for a not bad looking external power pack for your iPhone.  If you didn’t fork out the money for a gold iPhone, this could satisfy part of your want.  It’s saved me a bunch of times as I always seem to forget to leave my phone charging in the evenings (this, plus my kids have all of their devices connected, and so does my husband, leaving me out as always).  Honestly, the size is very good and unless you’re one of those fruit cakes that wears their pants so tight I can see the brand of your underwear, you’re not going to have much of an issue keeping this case in your pocket.  It also a “leg” that allows you to watch your iPhone in landscape mode.  If I did this sort of thing, I think it would be cool, but I don’t so this is all I’ll mention of it.  :)

Well that’s it from the wife’s mouth (or fingers).  The MobileZap website stock a whole bunch of other cases similar to the Power Jacket for smartphones other than the iPhone, so be sure to check them out if you want something similar for your “not an iPhone”

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