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If you’re a small business owner, how do you want your IT Support, supported?  Do you want to only pay for when things break?  Or would you be happy paying a monthly fee knowing that that could be all you spend on IT Support for that month?
If you’re a computer business owner, how do you want to provide IT Support?  Do you want to only be paid for the work you do?  Or would you be happier getting paid to proactively check on PCs before an issue occurs?

Also, do you have a laptop?  If you do, you’re gonna want to listen to this.



Derek Iannelli-Smith is the author of the book, MSP or Fail – Become a Managed Services Provider.

Managed Services is basically a pay by the month form of IT Support that is based on the number of computers, servers and printers you have.  Each device you have is assigned a license and the total sum of those licenses determines the monthly amount that you pay.  For this amount, you’re privy to a certain amount of IT Support both onsite and remotely.

From a Small Business Owner perspective this could be attractive as you’ll know exactly how much you will spend each month on your IT (as opposed to nothing for a month, and thousands the following months, and maybe nothing for the next).  At the same time however, you could be potential spending hundreds a month using this service and not see any benefits at all (if nothing goes wrong with your IT).  Is it worth it??  Listen on and make your own decision.

From a Computer Business Owner point of view this could be quite lucrative, and finally a platform for some stable, reliable income.  However, are you willing to potentially lose some clients over this change?  Is it worth rocking the boat?  How would you be able to explain to your clients that they need to pay you hundreds a month when they could potentially have nothing go wrong?  Again, you’ll need to listen on to find out!

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Derek Iannell-Smith’s Book – MSP or Fail –

Attention Laptop User’s!

You want the best advice for using a laptop?  It might not be what you think.  Listen to the end to find out.  :)

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