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Finally, the first of what I hope will be many Small Business Case Studies.  Today, I’m focusing on a client of mine who through the power of an expired warranty and crippling hardware issues, we’re forced to upgrade sooner than expected.  Actually, I lie, it’s more of an update than an upgrade.  But you’ll have to listen on find out why.  I’m also the proud owner of a 27in iMac, am I compensating for something you ask?  Possibly, but I’ll change the subject by letting you know about a quick and easy time saving tip that most people think of doing, but never do.

4 Considerations for buying a Mac for your Small Business 

 Lured by drop dead gorgeous technology and promises of “little to no viruses” Apple’s Mac’s have been a definite maybe when it comes to replacing a small business computer.

Unfortunately, simply laying out a fair wad of your hard earned cash, isn’t the only pain you could experience.

With this in mind, here are 4 considerations for when you’re looking at buying a Mac for your small business

  1. Compatibility with your existing hardware.  If you have an old printer or scanner that’s been serving you well for half a decade, don’t be surprised if the Mac won’t play with it nicely.  There may be a way to get it to work, but expect to do a lot of googling and swearing at the same time.  Otherwise, you might be looking at another tech purchase.
  2. Compatibility with the software you use.  Now I’m not talking about big name software vendors, as most likely, they’ll have Mac versions of their software, I’m talking about software that’s either custom written for your company or industry, or just a small obscure piece of software that does one thing, but your job can not function without that one thing.  Do your research, see of there’s a Mac version of the software, otherwise, look for piece of Mac software that does the same thing.
  3. Cost.  Mac’s in general are more expensive up front.  They can also be potentially more expensive to maintain in terms for IT support costs (sometimes Mac specialists charge more) and in terms of hardware.  This could be negated with the fact that it’s a little harder to get into IT trouble with a Mac, but just keep this in mind.
  4. User Learning Curve.  This is the most important consideration for a Small Business.  I guarantee you, that if a user is presented with a Mac, having not ever used one before, you will take a hit in productivity.  Big time!  Similar to when a user needs to use a new version of Microsoft Office, there is a learning curve, but having to learn an entirely new operating system involves an almost change in mindset.  If you’re dropping in a Mac to replace a broken PC you’re probably doing more harm than good.  If the Mac is going to be an addition to your network, it will be better received.

Small Business Case Study – Real Estate Company

 Today marks the start of what I’m hoping to be many Small Business Case Studies.

With each case study I plan on outlining a company’s current IT infrastructure, point out some obvious liabilities, suggest fixes to those issues and also some list some recommendations for the future.

I will be breaking down the components into 4 parts:

  • Hardware  (includes all computers, servers, printers and all associated equipment)
  • Software  (includes any business specific software, programs or applications)
  • Networking  (includes both wired and wireless networks, and also the hardware that facilitates these connections.  internet connections will also be scrutinised)
  • Backups  (includes backup methods, testing, notifications and possibly disaster recovery if implemented)

In the beginning I will use my own clients as the case studies to give you a base of what you can expect from future studies.  In time, I would very much like to do a case study on YOUR business, or the business you work at, to see if there are possible areas for improvement and to also bring to light any potential issues waiting to happen.

So, if you’re wanting to put your Small Business’s IT under the microscope send me an email dex [at] smallbusinesshow [dot] com

Quick Tip?  

Label all of your IT equipment like this guy!  In particular your networking gear and even the cables that plug into it!


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