The one thing that sucks with all SmartPhones

The Small Business IT Show - Smartphones Sucks

Whether you’re an Apple Fanboy (or girl), a FanDroid, a Windows Phone Lover or you’re one of those unfortunate Blackberrians, there is one thing that sucks with all of your most loved devices!

Battery life!

And with the help from a nifty case from MobileZap, it’s making my iPhone 5 not suck as much. [Read more...]

Am I Moving My Stuff From Dropbox to Google Drive Cause It’s Dirt Cheap Now And I’m Tight?

Small Business IT Show - Dropbox and Google Drive

No, no, I’m not.

But it doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it…. [Read more...]

So Your Work Computer Broke. Do You Need To Buy A NEW PC?

Small Business IT Show - New PC

short answer, NO.

But if you want to find out why, you’ll have to click to read on. [Read more...]

Slow Old Office Computers – Upgrade or Replace?

Small Business IT Show - Old PC

So, your oldest, slowest, yet most trusted office PC is staring at the light at the end of the tunnel and is processing it’s way to it.

It’s at this point that you need to make the decision to either give it a new lease on life, or kick it to the curb, for a much younger, racier, better looking model that would do things the other one couldn’t even begin to comprehend (minds out of the gutter people!).

So what do you do?  Upgrade, or replace? [Read more...]

Do You Need Bleeding Edge IT For Your Small Business?

small business it upgrade

The straight up answer is no.

So if your IT guy is pestering you to upgrade your server, or to totally overhaul your fleet of laptops, it’s OK to say “No”

Most of the time. [Read more...]

The BEST Thing About IT In Small Businesses

small business it show podcast steak

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog post now, you’re either:

1.  a small business owner

2.  an IT guy /gal of some sort

3.  the person that does the IT in a small business even though it’s not part of your job description

4.  related to me by blood, or by law, a friend, or my mum.  “Hi Mum”

and should you fall into anyone of those 4 categories, I just want to let you know that IT in Small Business is a really good thing.  I mean, it’s a really really good thing. [Read more...]

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