The BEST Thing About IT In Small Businesses

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog post now, you’re either:

1.  a small business owner

2.  an IT guy /gal of some sort

3.  the person that does the IT in a small business even though it’s not part of your job description

4.  related to me by blood, or by law, a friend, or my mum.  “Hi Mum”

and should you fall into anyone of those 4 categories, I just want to let you know that IT in Small Business is a really good thing.  I mean, it’s a really really good thing.

And here’s why.  

New technology for the most part, can transform a way a company does business.  It can turn a million dollar company, into a multi-million dollar one.  It can increase the productivity of any one business while at the same time keeping the same amount of staff.  And it can also turn your most inane hobby (yes, i had to look up that word) into a business that can earn you money.

The thing is, these “bleeding edge” advances are open to one and all, but are most effectively used in small business.  Think about it.

A multi-million dollar company, simply cannot support the introduction of a brand new version of software or operating system, without extensive testing first.

Trust me, I know, I worked at said multi-million dollar company, and by the time we were able to reap the rewards of a super stable, super fast operating system, the next one was on its way.

So in reality, it’s up to small businesses to try and test these new technologies.  Whether its a new accounting package, the latest smart phone, or even 3D printers, by the time it hits the corporations, it’s already bounced around the small business circuit and is doing it’s encore performance.

And as a small business owner, you can choose to be at that knife’s edge of technology.  You have the option of being one of the first to reap the rewards of thousands of hours of research and development.  The next great thing could be the one thing that takes your business “to the next level” (cliche i know, but it’s true…).

Or, you can sit back and comfortably use whatever you have and whatever you’re comfortable with.  For the rest of your business life.  Cause that’s the other thing you can do with IT in your small business.

Nothing at all.


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