The Show

The Small Business IT Show is “the podcast for all things IT in your Small Business”.  So whether its about hardware, software, the internet or your website, it’ll be covered in here.  Eventually.  And then, when technology evolves, it will be covered again.  :)

The show is designed for all Small Business owners, or the person that looks after the IT in any small business.  It’s also aimed at IT geeks who look after other small business or just the person wanting  to expand their IT knowledge.

The tips and tricks are heavily PC focused (a reflection of current day small business) with a little bit of Apple content (though growing) thrown in for good measure.  Although the content is small business based, there’s no reason why it can’t be used for your personal home PC.

In almost all cases the advice is easy to understand, practical and more importantly, cost effective.

As the saying goes, “there is more than one way to skin a cat” (sorry to any cat lovers out there) and so even though some of the information will mention specific software or services, (i.e. Dropbox) there is no reason why the same theory will not work with competing software or services (i.e. Google+, SugarSync, etc).

This being the case, I would love to hear from anyone with alternative methods to any specific episodes aired.  So click on the CONTACT link above and send me a message!


The Host

I’m a devoted husband, father of 3 pretty awesome kids and live in Melbourne, Australia.

My name is Dexter Eugenio.  And I’m a small business owner.

I’ve been in IT for over 15 years.  Starting at the customary helpdesk position, going through to desktop support, graduating to server administration, shifting gears to looking after small businesses, and eventually starting my own small business.

I love IT because you have a problem, and you have a solution.  It’s black and white and is rarely up for interpretation.  How you choose to get that solution is up to you, but the answer is almost always the same.

Geek hat off, I love old school hip hop, MK2 and Mk3 VW Golfs, my Playstation 3, and retro sneakers.



dex [at] smallbusinessitshow [dot] com

dexter eugenio

The podcast for all things IT in your Small Business