5 (cheapish) IT Productivity Tips, 5 IT Questions Answered and a Quick Modem Tip – SBITS003

If you want to be more productive on the cheap, read the 5 answers to your most asked IT questions, and stop having to do work whenever you have to restart that pesky modem to getting internet working again.  Then this episode is for you!

Let’s face it, we all want to be more productive.  Whether it be at work, in life, or basically anything we do, we want to do as much as we can, with whatever time is given to so.  And so with that in mind, I put together a list of the top 5 (cheapish) IT productivity tips starting with:

  1. Use more than one monitor.  We have 2 eyes, so why not a monitor for each?  Seriously though, this one tip is guaranteed you’ll increase your productivity no matter what you use your computer for.
  2. Use a monitor arm.  As odd as this sounds, having that extra space where your monitor used to sit can be very VERY useful.  Not only this, but being able to correctly position the height of your monitor could make you much much happier.
  3. Buy a proper chair, or think about a stand up desk.  So you now, have more than one screen, AND they’re both at the correct height.  So why not go for the trifecta and get a decent chair so that you’re sitting properly, you’re typing properly, and your eagle eye stare at the computer screens is dead on.  If you’re crunching the 9-5 and spending over 7 of those hours on your BEEhind, than the right chair, set up at the right height, will undoubtedly make you much more productive, and potentially more attractive to the opposite sex (your results may vary).  And if that doesn’t make you more attractive, than a stand up desk surely will.  Burn more calories, improve your posture, strengthen your back and legs, all while doing work.  You could almost forget about leg day with a stand up desk.  Probably not.
  4. Use corded keyboards and mice, or at least, a mouse with a rechargable base station.  Humans are the most stubborn beings on this planet.  We will persist to use wireless devices until said device has delivered us its last click or key push.  Up until that time we will bang, and curse, and throw, and bang these devices until we change the batteries.  And with the price of batteries these days, I mean, good batteries, more people are happy to bang and cuss before they need to change batteries.  Don’t do it.  Just use the corded stuff.
  5. Get a plain mouse mat.  Have pictures of your family / your pets / your car / your partner in a picture frame.  Not on your mouse mat.  And as nice as it would seem, to have the company looking after your IT on said mouse mat, in reality, its best left to a post it note stuck to the side of your monitor.  The reason for this, is that not many mice like certain colours and reflections that these funky mouse mats have.  And similar to tip 4, people will bang and curse, and bang when their mouse doesn’t go EXACTLY where they want it.  So lose the agro, lose that mouse mat, and get more damn productive!

Top 5 IT Questions and Answers (One Word Answer Version / Listen to the full explanations!)

  1. Will a bigger screen give me a bigger font?  No.
  2. Will 2 anti virus programs give me twice the protection?  No
  3. Can I leave my PC on overnight?  Yes
  4. Can I use the Windows (of Office) from my old PC on my new?  No
  5. Can I just copy over programs instead of re-installing them?  No

And today’s quick tip?

Try not to use the built in network switch on your ADSL or Cable modem.  If you’re a small business, fork out some green for a dedicated 8 or 16 port gigabit switch.  Plug all the network stuff to the switch, and plug the switch to the modem.  This way, if you need to restart the modem (which happens quite regularly on certain sites) then you wont lose connection with your server or any other PCs that you have files open on.


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